Property, Facilities and Workplace revolves around overseeing and monitoring the management of a property, ensuring support services relating to the smooth running of the property are professionally managed and all facilities, services, assets and processes that enhance the workplace experience are maintained at all times. An effective in house real estate function will ensure the Property Portfolio of a Corporate, Bank, FTSE 250 or retailer are maintained through sound Facilities and Engineering management. They will ensure all capital programmes (new build, refurbishments, fit outs and relocations) are managed effectively and any transactions on property will be aligned to the strategic growth or indeed retraction of the business in various locations including UK, EMEA and Global.
Strategic Outsourcing is a core element of the delivery of Real Estate and Facilities Services to an organisation and our business will support these outsource companies in their growth, commercial management and P&L delivery.
Established in 2010, our Exec Property, Facilities and Workplace practice has developed a unique offering that works across both the specialist in-house function of Property and the consultancy/contracting world of Facilities and Real Estate outsourcing.


  • Board Level
  • Independent Ex-Management Consultants
  • FM Specialists
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Industry Experts


  • Driving business efficiencies
  • Cost Savings
  • M&A – pre and post deal
  • Organisation carve out
  • Technology Deployments
  • Shared Service Centres
  • Outsourcing
  • Insourcing


Management consulting solution
A fully built team, who are experienced with designing and delivering business critical transformations
A cost-effective alternative to the traditional management consultants
Consultants who are incentivised to deliver efficiently and effectively, from cradle to grave
Consultants who are not incentivised to maximise costs to your organisation, but an output-based solution
Programme turnaround


  • Market Mapping
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Personality Profiling
  • Retained Campaigns
  • Qualified Research Function
  • Discreet Approach


  • Programme turnaround
  • Confidential Approach
  • Independent Consultants
  • Specialist skillsets required for a set period, or set delivery
  • Quickly fix urgent gaps
  • Independent Programme Review
  • Fully verified and referenced


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